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Brave Cargo offers a wide range of insurance coverage for clients moving freight internationally or within North America, including foreign origin shipments. This includes All Risk Coverage for Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Truck Freight and Warehousing & Storage. Though most shipments can be insured, there are certain situations where cargo can't be insured by us. Typical exclusions are: Improper packing, Abandonment of cargo, Rejection of goods by customs, Failure to pay or collect accounts, Inherent vice (infestation or loss due to the nature of product itself), Employee conversion or dishonesty, Losses due to delay or loss of market, Losses in excess of policy limits, Losses at port city more than 15 days after discharge of cargo, Losses inland more than 30 days after discharge of cargo, Losses in South America more than 60 days after discharge of cargo, Barge shipments, Goods subject to an on-deck bill of lading, Losses caused by temperature or pressure (air shipments), Failure to notify air carrier of preliminary loss in timely fashion and Used goods

Why Insurance?

Just about every entity that imports or exports raw materials, semi finished goods, finished goods or sells a portion of finished products abroad needs cargo insurance. This list includes but is not limited to, manufacturers, retailers and import and export traders. Insurance protects any shipment through each leg of their voyage, usually from the point of departure from the seller's warehouse to arrival at the consignee's warehouse.

Common Insurance Types

All Risk Coverage
Warehouse to Warehouse
FPA (Free Particular Averages)


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